Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bendy Straw of Madness

I have been inspired by John Green and Maureen Johnson’s advice to writers:  Dare to suck.  I haven’t written in quite a while mostly because there hasn’t been much to say, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make a noise and use my fingers.  So I’ve decided to thrash around a bit and see what happens!

Mostly what has been happening is copious amounts of Doctor Who but before that I saw the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Deux!  Official and unsurprising impression is that the film was amazing.  The last one.  The big ending.  Oh sweet Jebus I'm going to cry again.  

More than the film, the most amazing part was the experience of seeing the last Harry Potter at midnight surrounded by enthusiastic, joyous, melancholy, and unabashedly nerdy fans.  I would’ve strangled a house elf for a decent pair of wizard robes.  There was an abundance of Belatrix Lestranges, one hilariously bad Mad Eye Moody, a Dumbledore that was comprised of a mop and obvious graduation robes.  Each one was precious and beautiful and heartwarming.  I even found, for a few brief seconds, fans of A Very Potter Musical!  And they gave me a Red Vine!  Which, if you haven’t seen the play, is really goofy, but trust me, it was amazing.  And disgusting but by god I ate it like there was no tomorrow.  Because really, what the hell can’t they do?  There were three Ozark boys at the front of the theater before the movie started who were playing a game of what we named “nerd-fu.”  Apparently it’s a mix between freeze-tag and karate.  Whatever it was, it was entertaining enough to have a big crowd of fans clap and laugh for about an hour straight.

I cried, of course.  Not the open wrenching sobs that I wanted to let loose.  Like when the Doctor left Rose in that parallel universe and she was trapped and OMG it was the saddest thing ever because they loved each other and he never told her and she cried and I cried and the Doctor cried and… what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, my other nerd-gasm. 

I recommend the film.  Obviously.  /Paris.  If you haven’t read the books (you know who you are) do that as well.  Then get a lightning bolt tattoo.  Then join the Harry Potter Alliance .  Then buy robes.  Then come with me to the next Leaky Con.  And be my friend for all of eternity.  Inna blue box.  With a wand.  And YouTube.  

Well that wasn't so bad!  Ok, who am I kidding, that's really rubbish.  But I dared!  And I sucked!  And one of these days something will happen to me of interest that will shock and thrill!  

Until then... suck it.